First Class講師紹介~Rose先生~

今回は新しくFirst Classの講師として仲間入りしてくれたRose(ローズ)先生に自己紹介インタビューをしたいと思います!

Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Rosvel G. Jabique. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education at Samar State University, Catbalogan City. Right after my graduation I decided to work in Cebu and started teaching in ESL school where I encountered different students of different nationalities. This experience helped me appreciate and respect other’s culture and it also enhanced my skills as a competent teacher.

(私の名前はロズヴェル・G. ジャビクです。カタバロガン市にある、サマル州立大学の教育学部を卒業しています。セブ市の語学学校で講師として働く事を決めてから様々な国籍の生徒に英語を教えてきました。その経験のお陰て、他文化への理解と尊重の念を強く持てるようになり、またそれは講師としての自分の能力にも役立っています。)

What are your hobbies?

I like singing, listening to music and playing guitar. When I was a college student, I used to join singing competitions in our city. The cash prize from the contest will be used for my allowance and tuition in school. Many people are telling me that I take after my father’s being a singer who also joined and won several competitions when he was still young.


When is your birthday?

I was born on November 9, 1996.

What is your favorite color? Why?

My favorite color is pink. I find it cute (like me) and it brings a feeling of calmness. This color also represents charm and romance.


What is your favorite native Filipino food?

My favorite native Filipino food is “sinigang na baboy”. It is a delightful sour soup made with pork ribs, vegetables, and tamarind-flavored broth. Filipinos love eating this traditional food because of its delicious taste. It is also considered as a comfort food because of it’s tangy flavor. There are many variations of sinigang and it can be prepared in any way.

(私が好きなフィリピンの伝統料理は「シニガン ナ バブイ」です。美味しい塩味のスープ料理で、豚肉、野菜、タマリンダベースのだし汁から作られます。フィリピン人は大抵この料理の味付けが好きです。ピリっとした味付けは、食べ心地が良いと思います。シニガンには色々なバリエーションがあるので、色々な調理法で作られます。)

Where is the place to visit in Cebu that you would recommend?

Cebu has so much beautiful spots to offer to tourists. With its pristine beaches, you will surely enjoy your vacation in this island. One of the most popular attractions in Cebu is swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob. Many people enjoy going to this beautiful beach because of the crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. The amazing experience with the largest fishes in the world is also a must-do experience.


How would you describe your personality?

I am an ambivert person. I sometimes feel like I want to be alone, but at times I also feel that I need companion. I have this intrapersonal skill that allows me to easily deal with the people I encounter. I am also a family-oriented person. I believe that above all, things we need to consider our family first before taking into actions our plans and desires in life.


What do you want to become in another life?

In my other life I want to become a flight attendant. I want to travel the world for free and discover different cultures.


What inspire you to become a teacher?

My burning passion in teaching really inspired me to pursue this profession. It is my happiness to see my students learning from me and helping them build brighter future.


What made you decide to work at first class?
(First Classで働こうと思ったきっかけはなんですか?)

FCI is a competent company which offers employee a healthy working environment with good benefits. Teachers are valued in this company and they make sure to cater the concerns and demands of each employee.


Is there something that you keep in mind during the lesson?

I believe that an emphatic teacher gives students the confidence to learn new things. I consider my student’s learning style. Students learn in different way, so I always think strategies which suits their prefered style of learning. For example if my student is kinesthitically inclined I would use some physical exercises or game which is relevant to our lesson. In this way the student would learn in an easy and more fun way. I also put myself in their shoe and make sure that they feel confident while having our class.


Any message to future student?

To my future students, learning English isn’t easy. It encompasses a lot of concepts which are difficult to understand sometimes. But don’t let these things hinder your ambition to aquire English since it is considered as “Lingua Franca”. The process may not be easy but I assure you that the result is worth the effort you gave in studying. See you in FCI! Ganbatte!

(未来の生徒様、英語学習は理解しないといけない要素が多く、時として難しいですが、決して英語を習得したいという野望を諦めないでください。英語は リングワ・フランカ(共通言語)としてみなされていますからね。学習の過程は大変かもしれませんが、結果が出た時にはやった甲斐があったと思えるはずです。

Thank so much!