【First Class講師紹介~Shine先生~】

今回は新しくFirst Classの講師として仲間入りしてくれた Shine (シャイン)先生に自己紹介インタビューをしたいと思います!

Could you please introduce yourself?

My name is Shine. I’ve been an ESL Teacher for almost a year now. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education majoring in English, from Golden Success College. The primary reason why I have decided to pursue teaching is that I feel a strong desire to positively influence and impart additional knowledge in students. I feel that one of the major satisfactions of being a teacher is to help enrich a student’s life. This is a very profound and satisfying way to spend a day at work.


What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are reading books, watching educational videos, and learning different accents. I’m also into music, and my great influencers why I really like music are my mom and dad. I love to sing and dance to different genres of music.


When is your birthday?

My birthday is on March 30th, 1998.


What is your favorite color? Why?

My favorite colors are black, light brown, pastel pink, and red. 


What is your favorite native Filipino food?

 My favorite local Filipino foods are seafood and lechon. Onw of the reasons why a lot of people are crazy about lechon is because of its natural juiciness in its taste. Inside the meat of lechon, some cooks put a lot of spices or herbs that make the aroma of lechon irresistible.

(好きなフィリピン料理はシーフードとレチョン (豚料理) です。フィリピン人がレチョンが大好きな理由の一つは、ナチュラルなジューシーさがあるからです。シェフによっては、レチョンの肉の中にスパイスやハーブをたくさん入れたりしますが、我慢できないくらい良い香りになります)

Where is the place to visit in Cebu that you’d recommend?

I recommend Colon Street. Basilica del Sto. Nino is situated on Colon Street, the oldest street in the country. This street is near Cebu ports and is the hub for early commerce. As a result, the first establishments of Cebu are on this street. At present, it is still the hotspot for businesses, theaters, shopping malls, etc. If you wish to buy your “pasalubong” or souvenir, it is in this street where you find stores that sell cheap souvenir items. 

(コロン・ストリートをおススメします。フィリピンでも一番古い町並みが残るコロン・ストリートには、サントニーニョ大聖堂があります。このストリートは港からも近く、古くから商業の中心地でした。その結果、セブの発展はこの通りから始まりました。今でも、ビジネスや演劇、ショッピングなどで賑わう場所です。もしお土産 (タガログ語で「パサルバン」)を買いたかったら、このストリートに行くと、色々なモノが安く手に入ります)

How do you describe your personality?

I like to look at myself as a genuine, and thoughtful young lady. I’m a hard worker. I believe nothing is ever handed to you so you have to go get it. I have worked hard to get to this point of my life and I am working even harder to get to the successful part of my life. I care more for others than I do for myself. In addition, I am kind, loving, and respectful. 


What do you want to become in another life?

I would like to have the same family because I love my family so much. They are the reason why I work and strive hard day by day. I would like to have the same pets as I have right now. One thing that I want to change in another life is to experience making new decisions, make new mistakes, meet better people, and have a different career path too. 


What made you decide to work at First Class?
(First Classで働こうと思ったきっかけはなんですか?)

My dad is the person who inspired me to become a teacher.


What made you decide to work at First Class?
(First Classで働こうと思ったきっかけはなんですか?)

This school has an excellent reputation for the quality of its teaching and the excellent behavior of its students. I would love to become part of such a committed team where they value teamwork and communication. The primary reason why I decided to work here was that I love to work in a job setting where everyone works together and holds each other accountable.

(学校の教育内容と生徒のパフォーマンスに関して素晴らしい評判を聞いていました。チームワークと意思の疎通を大切にする学校の、メンバーになりたいと思いました。First Class で働こうと思った一番の理由は、職場の皆がお互いを信頼し、助け合う環境で働きたいと思ったからです)

Is there something that you keep in mind when you teach students English language?
( 英語を教える時に気をつけていることは何ですか?)

I know how essential the English language is in our lives. It is the main language for studying any subject all over the world. English is important for students as it broadens their minds, develops emotional skills and improves the quality of life by providing job opportunities. I bear these in mind whenever I teach English to students.


Any message to future student?

“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things but learning another way to think about things”
                        - Flora Lewis

So, keep learning, keep going, and keep growing. 

                     - フローラ・ルイス


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