First Class講師紹介 ~Neza(ネザ先生)~

First classの講師をご紹介させて頂きます!

-Could you please introduce yourself?

Hello! I am Teacher Neza and I graduated at De La Salle College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. I have been teaching English both online and offline to different races and ages since 2007.


-What are your hobbies?

I am into movies and Japanese animation. I love meeting new people and have fun witht hem.


-When is your birthday?

My birthday is on September 8.


-What is your favorite color?

Yellow. Just like the sun’s color which means lively and gives energy to the Earth just like me.


FirstClass講師紹介 ~Neza(ネザ先生)~

-What is your favorite local Filipino food?

I really like SISIG. It’s great with beer. (You must try it!)


-Where is the place to visit in Cebu that you’d recommend?

Cebu is a historical place so visiting Magellan’s Cross and Fort San Pedro would be interesting and educational.


-How do you describe your personality?

I am people-oriented and fun-loving, I make things more fun for others. Living for the moment, I love new experiences.


First Class講師紹介 ~Neza(ネザ先生)~

-What do you want to become in another life?

I wish I could be a GREAT PERFORMER!


-Is there something that you keep in mind when you teach students English language?

I would be willing to make people happy.


-What inspired you to become a teacher?

The children. Their thirst for knowledge is what inspired me to be a teacher.


-What made you decide to work at First Class?
(なぜFirst Classで働こうと思いましたか?)

It’’s a great privilege to work at a startup where I can showcase my skill to contribute to the company’s growth.


First Class講師紹介 ~Neza(ネザ先生)~

-Any message to future students?

I know it isn’t easy to learn English and there are challenges that students need to overcome but you don’t have anything to worry about. I will be here to help and guide you. Together we will conquer your fears and difficulties. All you have to do is believe in yourself, trust me as your English teacher and enroll in First Class. See you!

英語学習は決して簡単な事ではなくて、色々な困難に直面するかもしれませんが、何も心配する必要はありません。私達がガイドいたします。不安や困難を一緒に乗り越えましょう。まずは自分自身を信じて、そして私たちを講師として信頼してください。First Classに是非お越しください。待ってます!

Neza(ネザ先生)は、First Classのムードメーカー的存在で、親しみやすく私たちを笑顔いっぱいにしてくれる人気の先生です。