First Class講師紹介~Ann先生~

今回は新しくFirst Classの講師として仲間入りしてくれたAnn(アン)先生に自己紹介インタビューをしたいと思います!

Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Annabel Belandres but my friends call me Ann.I graduated with a bachelor degree in education and right after graduating from the University I started my teaching career. I have been teaching English to Japanese students for five years now.I wanted to become a teacher ever since I was a child, so here I am living my dream.

What are your hobbies?

I like watching movies especially sci-fi and comedy.I also love listening to music like pop,jazz and country music.Whenever my friends and I have long vacation we sometimes go camping in the mountains or by the sea.I’m also passionate about taking a walk in the forest at least once every two months to be in touch with nature.

When is your birthday?

I was born in November 11,1988. It was a beautiful Monday night according to my mother .I don’t usually celebrate my birthday because it reminds me that I’m getting older ,but my family would prepare a simple celebration for my special day.I always tell them not to bother preparing anything for my birthday I just want cash!,anyway kidding aside I just want to spend time with my loved ones that’ all .

What is your favorite color? Why?

When it comes to color I don’t really have any preferences but I like light colors like light blue,light green anything light and also yellow.It reminds me of nature .

What is your favorite native Filipino food?

My favorite local food is adobo.Its very simple ,easy to cook and it can last for days even without putting it inside the fridge.We Filipinos have been preparing adobo way back pre Spanish era.

Where is the place to visit in Cebu that you would recommend?

Visiting Cebu,if you want to really feel being in a tropical island ,sipping lemonade while relaxing on a beach bed I highly recommend Bantayan island,for it’s long shoreline ,specular white sand beaches and clear water. Don’t forget to bring with you sunblock with the highest PH,especially if you’re visiting from April to June it’s Cebu’s hottest months.

How would you describe your personality?

Personality wise I’m easy going ,and I respect other people’s opinion even though it might contradict mine.I can easily adapt to new environment and I’m open to change.

What do you want to become in another life?

In another life given the chance I would like to be a lawyer.Its fascinating for me defending other people’s actions may it be good or bad .

What inspire you to become a teacher?

When I was in high school ,my favorite teacher was Mrs. Evelyn.She was our English teacher and really like her style of teaching. I wanted to be like her. She inspires me to practice my English more than necessary and I’m always thankful to her.

What made you decide to work at first class?
(First Classで働こうと思ったきっかけはなんですか?)

First impression last ,and my impression with the school is very good ,it’s organized and compliant with the law so I decided to work here.

Is there something that you keep in mind during the lesson?

I always put myself in my students shoe ,I tried to empathize with my students .

Any message to future student?

To my future students , don’t overthink and please do not be afraid to make a mistake,it’s when you make mistakes that you can learn a lot.

Thank so much!