First Class講師紹介 ~Claire(クレア先生)~


先月よりFirst Classに新しい講師が加わりました♪

Could you please introduce yourself?

I graduated way back in 2006 with Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English. I have been teaching ESL to foreign students for quite a while and also handled English lessons with Filipino students  in College education department last semester. Please call me Claire. Let’s have a challenging and fun class together!


What are your hobbies?

When I have extra time, I usually surf online watching some documentary videos, Christian concerts, and comedy series. I also love reading some popular devotional books in the morning while having coffee or tea. Singing in Karaoke bar helps me more relaxed after work.


First Class講師紹介 ~Claire(クレア先生)~

When is your birthday?

My birthday is every 29th of November. Mark your calendar! Grin!


What is your favorite color?

Royal blue, yellow, and few pastel colors always attract my attention.


What is your favorite local Filipino food?

My favorite local cuisine is no other than Adobong Manok (chicken). Try it!


Where is the place to visit in Cebu that you’d recommend?

I would like to recommend some beach resorts in the south of Cebu. We do have Argao and Moalboal beaches. You can feel the white sand on your bare foot and enjoy small talk with wonderful local people as well.


First Class講師紹介 ~Claire(クレア先生)~

How do you describe your personality?

I’m kind of an introvert; however, when I want to play and have fun, I play hard because I work hard. “Work hard, Play hard!”


What do you want to become in another life?

If I have another life, I’d like to be an author of self help books or work in the broadcasting network in local places or abroad. My motto: “Speak up with Passion”.


What inspired you to become a teacher?

My former high school science teacher has inspired me to become one because she had shown us how to reach out for those out of school, and some typical learners to maximize their full potential  and not be afraid of showing off their talents and skills.


First Class講師紹介 ~Claire(クレア先生)~

What made you decide to work at First Class?
(なぜFirst Classで働こうと思いましたか?)

I have decided to work at First Class because I still have a lot of room to grow personally and professionally. I’d like to learn something new while having self reflection.

個人的にも、講師としても、まだまだ成長できる部分があると思ったので、First Classで働く事を決めました。自分を見つめなおしながら、新しい事を学びたいです。

Is there something that you keep in mind when you teach students English language?

“Keep in mind”: “If there is a will, there is a way” and “Thrive and be smart”


First Class講師紹介 ~Claire(クレア先生)~

Any message to future students?

For our dear students! ! “Don’t just survive, however thrive at your potential!”

生徒の皆さん! ”ただ生きながらえるだけでなく、自分のポテンシャルを引き出して精進しましょう!”

皆さんもFirst Classへ来た際は、是非クレア先生の授業を体験してみてくださいね!